MEZO: The Rise of Tzalekuhl teaser trailer

THE 27 RUN Teaser Trailer

KISMET, MAN OF FATE Teaser Trailer

The Phantom of the Opera teaser trailer

A Wave Blue World 2017 Teaser Trailer

Loved & Lost Anthology: Creator Spotlight

Take a closer look at the stories in Loved & Lost and the artists that brought them to life.

Punkrock* Jazz

PUNKROCK* JAZZ: The Art of Toby Cypress is now available for pre-order and comes signed with a free inked sketch by Toby himself!

American Terrorist Trailer

A war has been waged against the American people. It’s a covert war, one that those in power hope will go unnoticed, but day by day, jobs, homes, pensions, healthcare coverage, quality of life, and civil liberties are taken away, while the gap between the haves and the have-nots grows wider and wider.

Punkrock*Jazz Studio Tour

Toby Cypress takes us on a tour of his studio so we can see where the magic happens. He shows us his work space, flips through some original art pages and talks about his inspirations all while getting us ready for his new art book, PUNKROCK* JAZZ!

Other Worlds Trailer

The Other Worlds Comic Trailer was produced and edited by Justin Zimmerman for Bricker-Down Productions®. It features music by Jarrod Whittington and art from the Other Worlds comic series written and created by Justin Zimmerman.

The Killing Jar Trailer

The Killing Jar Comic Trailer was produced and edited by Justin Zimmerman for Bricker-Down Productions®. Music by Jarrod Whittington. Art from The Killing Jar comic series by Justin Zimmerman and features art by Russ Brown.


Starring Steven Ogg. Written, directed and edited by Justin Zimmerman. Visual effects by Zack Linkow. Music by Jarrod Whittington. Art and colors by Russ Brown, Tadd Galusha, Ben Perkins and Matt Grigsby. Story by Justin Zimmerman and David Brandon. Safe Motion Comic Trailer © Justin Zimmerman for Bricker-Down Productions®,