Punkrock Jazz

PUNKROCK* JAZZ is the first book to showcase the art of Toby Cypress as it was meant to be seen. With its fast lines, rich texture and bold sense of color, Toby’s artwork refuses to be boxed into any category and can barely be contained on the page. That’s why PUNKROCK* JAZZ contains not only the highest quality printing and paper stock, but also features four 3-page gatefolds and ten removable prints.

Part art portfolio, part sketchbook, this 112 page collection presents previously unseen images, behind-the-scenes process shots, sketches, paintings and even a new interview with the artist himself. This is the art book that Toby Cypress fans have been waiting for, and it’s bound to leave us all hooked for life.

Toby Cypress is one of the most stylish and underrated comic artists around town.” -Heidi MacDonald (The Beat)

Finally! Someone had the good sense to harness into one book the manic awesomeness that is Toby Cypress’ art. Hat’s off, A Wave Blue World!”  — Swain Hunt (Sidebar Podcast)

Available unsigned or with a signature and inked sketch by Toby Cypress!

Regular Edition

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Signed & Sketched

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