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In-House Interview with Justin Zimmerman

In the first of a series of “in-house” interviews leading up to the release of the Other Worlds anthology, A Wave Blue World chats with Justin Zimmerman, creator and writer of the title.

justin_smallJustin is a nationally recognized writer, filmmaker and professor. He has taught in multiple colleges and programs and his production company, Bricker-Down Productions®, has been the recipient of many grants, film festival honors and awards.

AWBW: Your background is mostly in filmmaking, an area in which you’re still very much involved. Tell us a little bit about how you first started to transition into comics and why?
JZ:  My MFA is in Film, and I’ve been heavily invested in filmmaking for as long as I can remember, it’s true. But even that’s been incredibly diverse. From socially-oriented docs to narrative indies, from corporate work like teaching at four colleges and shooting for fortune 500 companies like Getty Images and Cisco Systems to writing a feature-length Stephen King adaptation, I’ve always tried to stay as malleable as possible with my creativity. Basically, I get bored easily…and I love to work. And I’ve always been fascinated by the scope, scale and autonomy of independent comics. So I decided to make some. Fortunately for me, I landed in the independent comic capital of the country, purely by luck, and was able to jump in with both feet. You can see a lot of this stuff on my website, www.brickerdown.com
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