The Hyphen-Tanner Comics Podcast

Our podcast ran from March 2013 to August 2014.

Below are our archives

Episode 12: The Way of the Savage Dragon (August 2014)


Our summer reading series continues as Joe Keatinge joins the Hyphen-Tanner boys to discuss Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen. Ryan and Joe are die-hard fans and have been reading the series consistently from the beginning. Tyler offers perspective from someone who read the first miniseries back when Image first launched in 1992 and then didn’t pick up another copy until the recent “new direction” in issue 193. At the end, Ryan and Joe make a surprise announcement about their involvement in the upcoming Savage Dragon #200!

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Episode 11: Stray Bullets (June 2014)

Tyler and Ryan kick off their summer reading series with Stray Bullets by David Lapham. After reading the entire Über Alles edition (which collects the first 41 issue run) the hyphen-Tanner boys discuss Lapham’s early days with Valiant and Defiant, the consequences of an inconsistent publishing schedule, and Ryan reveals what it was that made him crap his pants… literally.*

*not literally

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Episode 10: Kickstart My Art with Jamie Tanner (February 2014)

No, we’re not adding a third Tanner to the show, but Jamie Tanner, a project coordinator for Kickstarter, joins Tyler & Ryan to provide valuable insight on launching a Kickstarter campaign. Jamie discusses some of the keys to success, including good communication with backers, stretch goals, and not promising more than you can deliver. Tyler and Ryan ask him how he thinks Kickstarter is changing the comics industry and how it’s improving the landscape of self-publishing. They also bestow upon Jamie an honorary Hyphen to add to his name.

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Tyler and Ryan have an informal chat about comic book stores, from the ones that helped usher them in to a life-long obsession of reading comics to the shops they frequent these days. They discuss how comic shops have changed over the years in order to keep up with the times and what makes a “good” comic shop vs. a bad one. And also why sometimes even the “not so good” stores are still fun to go poke around in.

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Professional comic book writer Joe Keatinge (Glory, Hell Yeah!, Morbius) stops by to talk to Tyler and Ryan about how he got into the field, his obsession with Spawn #10, why working with artists have made him a better person, and his recent interest in the fashion industry. It’s an entertaining discussion filled with useful information for aspiring writers as well as veterans of the craft. And by the end of the interview, Ryan finally figures out the difference between a writer and an artist and what exactly it is that Joe does.

Once you’ve listened to the podcast hop over to our blog where Joe breaks down one of his comic scripts.

To find out more about Joe Keatinge, follow him on Tumblr and on Twitter

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Episode 7: I Know What You Read This Summer (September 2013)

Tyler and Ryan discuss the comics they read this summer. Most of them they really enjoyed, and one that… well, they agreed it was not obnoxious. Titles range from mainstream to indie and include digital comics, mini-comics and graphic novels.

Here are some links to some of the harder to find titles:

Backyard by Sam Alden, Demeter by Becky Cloonan, Vic Boone: The Fly Who Loved Me from Shawn Aldridge, and Anathema from Rachel Autumn Deering

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Episode 6: PR & Marketing with Jeff Newelt (August 2013)

Tyler and Ryan speak with PR guru Jeff Newelt, aka JahFurry, about what comic creators can do to promote their work and upcoming projects and how to maintain a steady productive presence online as a creative person. Jeff proclaims the commandments of marketing from atop his kitchen table and explains what it means to “chunk it up,” and we coin a new term “Chasing the Spurge”. Jeff also recommends the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.  Make sure to follow Jeff on twitter, @JahFurry
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Episode 5: The Comics Canon (July 2013)

The Hyphen-Tanner boys discuss the concept of having a comic book canon and what graphic novels/comic titles would make the cut. Topics range from whether or not there should be a canon, whether comic strips and foreign comics should be included, and what qualifications exist for being “canon worthy.”

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Episode 4: Print vs. Digital (June 2013)

The hyphen-Tanner boys discuss the pros and cons of both print and digital comics. They go over some of the different strategies for each model, how publishing deals are effected by these options, and where they see the market headed. Will digital ever entirely replace print? And could we be headed towards an entirely new medium beyond the digital comic?

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Episode 3: Contracts (May 2013)

Tyler and Ryan sit down with contract lawyer Katie Lane to talk about contracts for artists: why they’re important, when to sign them, and the tricky “lawyer speak” to watch out for. Contracts for both work-for-hire and creator-owned work are covered.

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Episode 2: What We’re Reading (April 2013)

In their second episode, Tyler and Ryan delve into they comics they’ve been reading recently. Titles range from those hard to find indie comics to mainstream superheroes, and from mini comics to hardcover classics. The episode concludes with Tyler and Ryan’s all-time recommendations.
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Episode 1: Art School Confidential (March 2013)

In this first episode of the Hyphen-Tanner Comics Podcast, Tyler and Ryan discuss the origins of their hyphenated names and how coincidence (or fate) brought them together. They then talk about their own experiences at art school before launching into the controversial debate of whether art school is worth it for aspiring creators. Topics range from debunking the “anti-art school” stance, whether creativity can be taught, developing your own style, crayon drawings, melting contact lenses, and even manga dragons.

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