New Scholarship Award Winners and Updates

As another school year comes to a close at the Kubert School it gives us a chance to present scholarship awards to two new first year students going into second year, as well as take the opportunity to check in with the previous years’ winners and see all the great work they’ve been doing!

First and foremost, a huge congratulations goes out to this year’s winners Elizabeth McBride and Dalton Stockwell. Their portfolio submissions showed they put some hard work in this year and show plenty of potential moving forward.

Left: Transformers page by Elizabeth McBride, Right: Tyreal pinup by Dalton Stockwell

Left: Transformers page by Elizabeth McBride, Right: Tyreal pinup by Dalton Stockwell

Last year’s winners, Sarah Fletcher and Lauren Nelson continued their improvement throughout second year. Sarah plans on spending this summer working on some creator-owned stories as she prepares for third year.


Left: Rabbit painting by Sarah Fletch, Right: Tegami Bachi image by Lauren Nelson

The biggest news comes out of the graduating class as Minkyu Jung has already landed some jobs at DC Comics. He drew 4 pages for the recently released Gotham Academy #18 (May 11) as well as a couple pages for Batgirl #51. He’s currently working on more artwork for Batgirl #52! Be sure to follow him on his Instagram or Deviant Art page.

Here’s a look at his work from Batgirl #51:

Art for a page from Batgirl #51 by Minkyu Jung, and the actual page printed in a comic!

Art from Batgirl #51 by Minkyu Jung, and the actual printed page printed in the comic!

Also graduating this year is the very talented Chris Puglise who will have a sci-fi story published soon in an anthology by Caliber Comics. Right now he’s contributing a few chapters to a fan comic based on the video game Dark Souls 3 at And he also keeps busy doing some freelance toy design. Take a look at his Deviant Art page.

Pinup by Chris Puglise

Pinup by Chris Puglise

Speaking of keeping busy, I’ve been doing my best to keep make sure last year’s graduates, Allen Watson and Ayşegül Sınav, are hard at work breaking into the industry.

Allen is currently finishing up a short story I wrote that will be published in an anthology later this year. He’s also working on and independent, horror graphic novel called Requiem. Follow him on Instagram.

Left: Page from Legacy by Allen Watson, Right: Page from Stranger Than Fiction by Ayşegül Sınav

Left: Page from Legacy by Allen Watson, Right: Page from Stranger Than Fiction by Ayşegül Sınav

Ayse already had a story published this year as she drew and colored the story Stranger Than Fiction which was part of the Broken Frontier Anthology. She’s collaborating with me on another short story for the Loved & Lost anthology that will be out later this year. That story will be colored by her classmate Varga Tomi. Here’s her Instagram page.

Other updates from past winners include Ernesto Sin, who is back living in Mexico and working for Star Jelly Games as one of their main concept artists. This involves storyboards, environmental concept and character design. He also does a lot of artwork involving paintball, having drawn a few issues of the comic, Bunkered with a new issue coming out soon. He’s the main graphic designer for the South Australian Paintball Association (SAPPA).


Left: Pin Up by Max Fuchs, Right: Book Illustration by Ernesto Sin

And Max Fuchs is currently penciling a vampire comic for Inner Station as well as teaching art classes for kids and adults at The Art Garage in Montclair and The Kubert School. Visit his website here.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone does in the upcoming year and meeting back here to welcome two more talented artists about to begin their journey at The Kubert School.

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