Kubert School Scholarship: New Winners and Updates!


Another school year comes to a close at the world famous Kubert School and that means another round of scholarships awarded to the top students in each class. We here at A Wave Blue World are proud to play a small part in encouraging the future generation of artists by offering scholarship awards to two first year students continuing on to second year.


By Chris Puglise

silver_surfer_in_nyc_by_minkyujungart-d80fi4iThis year’s recipients didn’t disappoint. Christopher Puglise and Minkyu Jung are incredibly skilled artists who have both show quite a lot of promise. Take a look at this colored poster design by Chris and a full page Silver Surfer splash by Minkyu.

(click for larger images)

And you can see more of Chris’s work on his Deviant Art account.

And Minkyu has a Deviant Art page as well.



Last year’s AWBW winners, Allen Watson & Ayşegül Sınav, continued on the tradition by taking home scholarship awards for third year as well. Allen won the Dave Monahan Memorial Scholarship and Ayşegül won the Dave Simons Memorial Scholarship. Here’s a Wolverine page from Allen and a Batgirl page from Ayşegül. I remember the Wolverine assignment from my days at The Kubert school. Mine wasn’t quite this good.


By Allen Watson


By Ayşegül Sınav


(click for larger images)

You can follow Allen on Instagram.

Ayşegül has a Deviant Art page and you can follow her on Instagram as well.





What about the students who have just completed the Kubert School education? Well Ernesto Sin is already drawing a rad paintball comic called Bunkered. You can order it here:


And check out his Deviant Art and Tumblr.

Travis Bannister is working on a children’s book and some creator-owned work. He does some great sketch covers and commissions. Here’s a Batwoman commission he did, and take a look at his online portfolio.


by Travis Bannister

Max Fuchs is currently working on a couple of very exciting projects! He’s collaborating with a few other Kubert grads to do the art for Chuck Dixon’s new graphic novel, 7 Deadly Sinners. He’s also inking Hell Yeah! for Image Comics. Here’s a sample page from 7 Deadly Sinners. And you can follow him on Tumblr.


By Max Fuchs and Bob Hardin

And last but not least, Kristoffer Sorenson is still working away as a portrait and comic book artist. You can see his work on his website and Deviant Art.


By Kristoffer Sorenson

I can’t wait to see more from these talented artists as they continue to progress. And we’ll look forward to next year when we’ll welcome two more into the fold.

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