In-House Interview with Terry Blas


Besides providing artwork for the Madrugada story in the upcoming Other Worlds anthology, Terry Blas has created his own webcomic, Briar Hollow, completed a guest run on  PVP, drawn a cover for Adventure Time, and produced his own podcast. Find out more in this week’s “in-house” interview.702537_10151522897706540_123784239_n

AWBW: Tell us a little bit about your background? Did you always want to get into comic art, or did you start out in another field?

Terry: I wanted to be an animator when I was a kid. I always loved telling stories and when I realized comics were the best way for me to get across what I wanted it all made sense. Comics became everything for me.

AWBW: What was it like working with Justin Zimmerman on these stories, and did you find it to be different than the other comic projects you’ve worked on?

Terry: I came to Other Worlds after Justin Zimmerman asked me to draw a story. Working with him was fantastic. He came to me with a great story and a clear script and was a collaborative approach.

AWBW: You recently completed a Artist in Residence guest-run on the PVP webcomic. How did that come about and what was it like working on it?

Terry: It’s a new thing PVP is doing and it was honor to be the first Artist in Residence. I was contacted by the guys at PVP and asked if I would like to do some strips. I adhered to the scripts they had, and it was so much fun. A dream come true really. My favorite character is Jade and I got to draw her in almost every strip. The feedback was great too. It was interesting to be a part of a comic that has inspired me so much and I feel like the whole process made me a better artist.

1097536_10151522898246540_35250440_nAWBW: You also have your own webcomic, Briar Hollow, which just finished up its fifth issue online. What can you tell us about that series?

Terry: Briar Hollow is a comic about nerds in college and learning to love and accept yourself for who you are. It mostly follows Molly, a self-proclaimed nerd, as she goes back to college and struggles with self confidence. My motivation behind creating it was to give myself a project where I could say something about things I was feeling (although not preachily) and also just to crank out a bunch of comic pages and make myself a better artist. I’ve had a blast doing it, and Volume 1 is almost completed.

AWBW: And if creating comics wasn’t enough, you also have your own podcast, the Gnerd Podcast. What’s that like?

Terry: Pop culture from a gay nerd (Gnerd) perspective. Hosts Terry Blas and guests cover topics like: Comics, Video Games, Movies, My Little Pony, Star Trek, Community, Musicals, Television, Disney, Young Adult Fiction and more.

To see more of Terry’s work, read his webcomic, Briar Hollow, and the go listed to the Gnerd Podcast. Don’t forget that the Other Worlds anthology debuts on September 21 at Rose City Comic Con, and you can order directly from us here.


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