Ghastly Tales by Marguerite Bennett & Varga Tomi


We are pleased to offer a unique one-shot collecting 3 stories from Marguerite Bennett & Varga Tomi called Ghastly Tales.

Marguerite and Tomi first worked together professionally on their contribution to the Broken Frontier anthology called In the Night, Mountains Grew. That story was so well received and they has so much fun working together, they didn’t want their collaboration to end.

That’s why they returned to A Wave Blue World in order to publish 2 brand-new stories, Koi and Cider, along with the re-presenting of In the Night, Mountains Grew for audiences who may have missed the BF anthology.

GhastlySignedAn Alaskan ranger, a maiden scorned, a family of bootleggers; all cling desperately to the things in life they hold most dear, and woe is the fate of those who mean to do it harm.

While the one-shot will be available world-wide digitally through ComiXology and as a DRM-free direct download (right here in our shop), the print version has a limited run of only 400 copies. They will be available starting Sept. 7 at select retailers as well as from our shop.

In addition, 30 of the print copies were signed by both Marguerite Bennett and Varga Tomi and come with a certificate of authenticity. These are available exclusively through our online shop.

As for the shops who are stocking the limited print-run of Ghastly Tales, here is the full list:

Baltimore, MD
Twilite Zone Comics

New Jersey
East Side Mags

New York
Escape Pod Comics

Portland, OR
Books With Pictures
Bridge City Comics
Cosmic Monkey Comics
Excalibur Comics
Floating World Comics
Future Dreams

San Francisco, CA
Mission: Comics & Art

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June Events in NYC

The Broken Frontier Anthology is coming to NYC for events on two straight nights. First we’ll be at JHU Comic Books on June 8 from 6pm to 8pm for a signing with creators Greg Pak, Tom Raney, Fred Van Lente, Nathan Fox, Tyler Chin-Tanner & Taylor Esposito.
For more information, and to RSVP, check out the Facebook event page.

Then the following night, that same group of creators will be hosting a panel discussion at the School of Visual Arts as part of MFA’s Storytellers Series. Come hear all about how we made the anthology and the creative process. Tickets are free, but please register on our Eventbrite page.
See you there!

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New Scholarship Award Winners and Updates

Sarah Fletcher, Lauren Nelson, Elizabeth McBride, Dalton Stockwell, Minkyu Jung, Chis Puglise.

Sarah Fletcher, Lauren Nelson, Elizabeth McBride, Dalton Stockwell, Minkyu Jung, Chis Puglise.

As another school year comes to a close at the Kubert School it gives us a chance to present scholarship awards to two new first year students going into second year, as well as take the opportunity to check in with the previous years’ winners and see all the great work they’ve been doing!

First and foremost, a huge congratulations goes out to this year’s winners Elizabeth McBride and Dalton Stockwell. Their portfolio submissions showed they put some hard work in this year and show plenty of potential moving forward.

Left: Transformers page by Elizabeth McBride, Right: Tyreal pinup by Dalton Stockwell

Left: Transformers page by Elizabeth McBride, Right: Tyreal pinup by Dalton Stockwell

Last year’s winners, Sarah Fletcher and Lauren Nelson continued their improvement throughout second year. Sarah plans on spending this summer working on some creator-owned stories as she prepares for third year.


Left: Rabbit painting by Sarah Fletch, Right: Tegami Bachi image by Lauren Nelson

The biggest news comes out of the graduating class as Minkyu Jung has already landed some jobs at DC Comics. He drew 4 pages for the recently released Gotham Academy #18 (May 11) as well as a couple pages for Batgirl #51. He’s currently working on more artwork for Batgirl #52! Be sure to follow him on his Instagram or Deviant Art page.

Here’s a look at his work from Batgirl #51:

Art for a page from Batgirl #51 by Minkyu Jung, and the actual page printed in a comic!

Art from Batgirl #51 by Minkyu Jung, and the actual printed page printed in the comic!

Also graduating this year is the very talented Chris Puglise who will have a sci-fi story published soon in an anthology by Caliber Comics. Right now he’s contributing a few chapters to a fan comic based on the video game Dark Souls 3 at And he also keeps busy doing some freelance toy design. Take a look at his Deviant Art page.

Pinup by Chris Puglise

Pinup by Chris Puglise

Speaking of keeping busy, I’ve been doing my best to keep make sure last year’s graduates, Allen Watson and Ayşegül Sınav, are hard at work breaking into the industry.

Allen is currently finishing up a short story I wrote that will be published in an anthology later this year. He’s also working on and independent, horror graphic novel called Requiem. Follow him on Instagram.

Left: Page from Legacy by Allen Watson, Right: Page from Stranger Than Fiction by Ayşegül Sınav

Left: Page from Legacy by Allen Watson, Right: Page from Stranger Than Fiction by Ayşegül Sınav

Ayse already had a story published this year as she drew and colored the story Stranger Than Fiction which was part of the Broken Frontier Anthology. She’s collaborating with me on another short story for the Loved & Lost anthology that will be out later this year. That story will be colored by her classmate Varga Tomi. Here’s her Instagram page.

Other updates from past winners include Ernesto Sin, who is back living in Mexico and working for Star Jelly Games as one of their main concept artists. This involves storyboards, environmental concept and character design. He also does a lot of artwork involving paintball, having drawn a few issues of the comic, Bunkered with a new issue coming out soon. He’s the main graphic designer for the South Australian Paintball Association (SAPPA).


Left: Pin Up by Max Fuchs, Right: Book Illustration by Ernesto Sin

And Max Fuchs is currently penciling a vampire comic for Inner Station as well as teaching art classes for kids and adults at The Art Garage in Montclair and The Kubert School. Visit his website here.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone does in the upcoming year and meeting back here to welcome two more talented artists about to begin their journey at The Kubert School.

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Broken Frontier Anthology now available for direct order

IMG_2914After about a month spent shipping out over 700 copies of the Broken Frontier Anthology to Kickstarter backers, we’re finally caught up. That means that any orders of the book through this website will ship out right away!

We also have the anthology available as a direct download pdf in our shop, and of course it’s available through the ComiXology platform as well.

We’ll be soliciting the book through Diamond as well, so if you know of any shops that would really like to carry the Broken Frontier Anthology, be sure to let them know.




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The Broken Frontier Anthology is on its way!

IMG_2744After months of hard work the Broken Frontier anthology is finally done and it looks spectacular! I just received the proofs from the printer, which means I’ll be able to start sending out books to the Kickstarter backers sometime in March.

Now that’ll take me a while to complete, but the timing works out well to have the anthology’s public debut at Emerald City Comic Con on April 7 – 10.

Anyone who wants a copy who didn’t get a chance to order one through the KS campaign can preorder one now from our store. Those will begin fulfillment after ECCC on April 11.

IMG_2743 IMG_2747 IMG_2748

And for those who don’t want to wait that long, the digital version of the entire book will be available on ComiXology, as well as a direct download pdf from this site, on February 17! That’s right around the corner.

We’re excited to finally have the anthology in people’s hands. We can’t wait for you to see it!


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Punkrock* Jazz Sketches available 9/29

PRJazz_SSThis Tuesday, September 29, we will be making available once again signed and sketched editions of Punkrock* Jazz: The Art of Toby Cypress. It took some time for Toby to catch up on all the sketches he had to do for the pre-orders. We received more than we anticipated (for which we are thankful), and then Toby spent some time on tour with the new book. But for those who’ve been waiting for the chance to get a sketch with the book, Toby is now home and ready to get back to work, so get your order in this coming Tuesday!

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The Broken Frontier Anthology is now on Kickstarter!


We’re very excited to announce that the Broken Frontier Anthology is now on Kickstarter! This bold new hardcover is a collection of 27 creator-owned stories about pushing beyond our limits and exploring the great unknown. You can see the great talent involved from the image above. Please go take a look at the campaign and share it with everyone you know!

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Pre-Order PUNKROCK* JAZZ: The Art of Toby Cypress


Punkrock* Jazz is off at the printers and the files have been approved for production. We still need to be a little patient with the international shipment, but we’re ready to start taking pre-orders! The advantage of pre-ordering is that Toby will sign and sketch copies in the order that they are received. We anticipate beginning to ship them out in early May.

Pre-orders should all go out before Heroes Con on June 19-21, but for anyone going to that show, you may want to wait to get a copy of PUNKROCK* JAZZ directly from the man himself as Toby will be in attendance. Either way, you’ll soon have a copy of this fantastic new art book in your hands so you can spend countless hours pouring over Toby’s breath-taking work!

Feel free to use the contact form if you have any questions.

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Toby Cypress brings Punkrock* Jazz to A Wave Blue World


A Wave Blue World is pleased to announce our partnership with artist Toby Cypress in publishing his upcoming art book, Punkrock* Jazz.

Toby is one of the most stylish and dynamic artist in the industry today and any collected edition of his work needs to live up to the same standards set by his work. That’s why we’re committed to producing a high-quality art book the represents the perfect way for fans to both view and display Toby’s beautifully composed pieces. Part portfolio collection and part sketchbook, Punkrock* Jazz will contain 25 of Toby’s best illustrations which can be left in place or easily removed and framed. This full-color, 80 page book will also feature additional sections containing preliminary sketches, previously unseen images and interviews with Toby.

Preorders for Punkrock* Jazz will be available in November and will come with inked sketches by Toby. The books will ship out in early 2015.

Please visit the Punkrock* Jazz page on our website for addition information or contact us through our online form.


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Kubert School Scholarship: New Winners and Updates!


Another school year comes to a close at the world famous Kubert School and that means another round of scholarships awarded to the top students in each class. We here at A Wave Blue World are proud to play a small part in encouraging the future generation of artists by offering scholarship awards to two first year students continuing on to second year.


By Chris Puglise

silver_surfer_in_nyc_by_minkyujungart-d80fi4iThis year’s recipients didn’t disappoint. Christopher Puglise and Minkyu Jung are incredibly skilled artists who have both show quite a lot of promise. Take a look at this colored poster design by Chris and a full page Silver Surfer splash by Minkyu.

(click for larger images)

And you can see more of Chris’s work on his Deviant Art account.

And Minkyu has a Deviant Art page as well.



Last year’s AWBW winners, Allen Watson & Ayşegül Sınav, continued on the tradition by taking home scholarship awards for third year as well. Allen won the Dave Monahan Memorial Scholarship and Ayşegül won the Dave Simons Memorial Scholarship. Here’s a Wolverine page from Allen and a Batgirl page from Ayşegül. I remember the Wolverine assignment from my days at The Kubert school. Mine wasn’t quite this good.


By Allen Watson


By Ayşegül Sınav


(click for larger images)

You can follow Allen on Instagram.

Ayşegül has a Deviant Art page and you can follow her on Instagram as well.





What about the students who have just completed the Kubert School education? Well Ernesto Sin is already drawing a rad paintball comic called Bunkered. You can order it here:


And check out his Deviant Art and Tumblr.

Travis Bannister is working on a children’s book and some creator-owned work. He does some great sketch covers and commissions. Here’s a Batwoman commission he did, and take a look at his online portfolio.


by Travis Bannister

Max Fuchs is currently working on a couple of very exciting projects! He’s collaborating with a few other Kubert grads to do the art for Chuck Dixon’s new graphic novel, 7 Deadly Sinners. He’s also inking Hell Yeah! for Image Comics. Here’s a sample page from 7 Deadly Sinners. And you can follow him on Tumblr.


By Max Fuchs and Bob Hardin

And last but not least, Kristoffer Sorenson is still working away as a portrait and comic book artist. You can see his work on his website and Deviant Art.


By Kristoffer Sorenson

I can’t wait to see more from these talented artists as they continue to progress. And we’ll look forward to next year when we’ll welcome two more into the fold.

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