In-House Interview with Matt Grigsby


With less than a week to go until the digital release of the Other Worlds anthology on ComiXology (Sept 18), we sit down with artist Matt Grisby to talk about his time working on OW and the many exciting projects he has coming up.

387183_591493936400_1442806992_nAWBW: Tell us a little bit about your background? Did you always want to get into comic art, or did you start out in another field? If so, how did you make the transition to comics?

MATT: I think from an early age I always knew I wanted to do something artistic. My Dad used to run a construction business and I would always sit in the office and draw on reams of continuous paper with crayons and pencils, so I think the art gene has always been there. As I got older I started realizing how much I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, but that changed quickly when I realized it was mostly just testing PH levels of ocean water and not doing anything super fun or glamorous. In high school, my love of superheroes came rushing back in to my life, and I knew I had to get in to comics again. As a kid you mostly just looked at the drawings, but as I grew up and started maturing the stories became a big deal too. My best friends Stephanie and Jake told me about this comic shop up by Portland Community College (Sylvania) and we used to sneak away on our lunch breaks Junior and Senior year and go buy comics off of the dollar rack. There was a sweet woman who worked there named Karen, and she eventually left to open her own shop, Karen’s Comics, where I worked for 5+ years as the Wednesday morning shipment receiver. It wasn’t necessarily artistic, but Karen gave me the opportunity to study the retail side of comics for many years while I worked on comics projects. It was awesome.
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