About Us

About Us

A Wave Blue World is a comic and graphic novel publishing company formed by creators Tyler & Wendy Chin-Tanner for the purpose of creating great comics. Our goal is to stay rooted in the traditions of strong storytelling while still expanding the scope of comics, both in content and form. We also enjoy making broad, sweeping statements about ourselves.


I am hesitant to take submissions due to the fact that there are many other publishers out there who have a stronger presence in the industry, and that we wouldn’t have any lower standards for publication.
That being said, if you’ve created a comic or graphic novel and are having difficulty finding a publisher who’ll allow you to retain complete ownership or if you’d just like feedback or advice on your project, or information about self-publishing, please use the form below.
Individual creators can also submit samples for the purpose of feedback or advice, as I rarely hire from outside.


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