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Waveblue1 Kubert School Scholarship: New Winners and Updates! - Another school year comes to a close at the world famous Kubert School and that means another round of scholarships awarded to the top students in each class. We here at A Wave Blue World are … Continue reading
700x0_p185401rp91k02sprf0f2mf19085 Emerald City Comic Con 2014 - Emerald City Comic Con is coming up fast. Our booth is in the usual area just across the sky bridge, but we’ve moved over slightly to be up against the wall. As you can see from … Continue reading
Bio2 Kickstart my Art with Jamie Tanner -   For the sake of this blog post and for everyone’s sanity, I’m going to refrain from making any more jokes about how our guest on the latest episode of The Hyphen-Tanner Comics Podcast also has … Continue reading
1558566_802401143110555_1802155872_n The Short & the Sweet of Wizard World Portland - I really hadn’t been planning on going to Wizard World Portland at all this year. I didn’t go last year (the first year it was held here in Portland) mostly because it was so close to … Continue reading
Turn_Front_Cover TURN Launch Party! - Our first major even of the new year is going to be a good one. A Wave Blue World co-founder, Wendy Chin-Tanner is having a book launch party for her poetry collection, TURN. The book isn’t … Continue reading
tumblr_m5ubgsNYc41qdk2h1 Writing for Comics with Joe Keatinge - On the latest episode of the Hyphen-Tanner Comics Podcast, Ryan and I were lucky enough to talk with Joe Keatinge, professional comics writer extaodinaire. Joe started in the business by working his way up through the … Continue reading
Jet City Comic Show this weekend (11/2) - For anyone in the pacific NW this weekend, we’ll be exhibiting at the Jet City Comic Show at the Tacoma Convention Center this Saturday, Nov 2. It’s a really good show that just made the move … Continue reading
New York Comic Con ’13 Wrap-Up -   Wow, NYCC ’13 was quite a show. Not that I was expecting anything less (I’d exhibited there before), but still, four straight days of being in an absolutely packed convention center with all that stuff … Continue reading
photo In-House interview with Tym Godek - This week we celebrate the release of the Other Worlds anthology by interviewing the uniquely talented Tym Godek about his work on OW, his 35+ foot long comic, and his upcoming comic which is “not a … Continue reading
387183_591493936400_1442806992_n In-House Interview with Matt Grigsby -   With less than a week to go until the digital release of the Other Worlds anthology on ComiXology (Sept 18), we sit down with artist Matt Grisby to talk about his time working on OW … Continue reading




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